Play Ground Day

Hina enjoyed this newly opened play ground called Kids Park. She enjoyed trampling , Lego-like blocks, and a ball pool.

She collected balls from a ball pool and put them in the box made of Lego-like blocks. She did it because she wanted to clean the space for blocks. Sometimes she enjoys cleaning and sometimes she doesn’t. When she doesn’t enjoy cleaning, it seems like she has her own order of organizing things, which doesn’t look really organized to others.

After we came home, she said she wanted to do a math workbook. For the last few days, she likes to study Math although she used to say she hated Math. She might have realized the importance of math through her experience.

She solved problems such as calculation and math problems written in a story.


Engineer -> Post graduate -> Educator -> Full-time Mother. University lecturer of a local university in Cambodia since 2015. She has chosen unschooling education style for her daughter. 2015年10月より、カンボジアで大学教師に。娘の教育はアンスクールングと呼ばれるスタイルで。

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