Choosing “good” materials

Hina was fascinated about new clay and color pens because she can express her artwork more than ever.

This clay is soft and it doesn’t get dried. Hina can make shapes so especially that she is inspired to create something new.

These color pens are very strong that they won’t be broken but at the same time, they are very easy to draw.

We can draw almost on any materials. Hina drew on photos.

If she can express more with the materials such as pens and clay, she is more inspired to create.

We would like to look for more materials that are good for Hina. They don’t have to be expensive, rather they should be inspiring to us as if this is what we have been looking for!


Engineer -> Post graduate -> Educator -> Full-time Mother. University lecturer of a local university in Cambodia since 2015. She has chosen unschooling education style for her daughter. 2015年10月より、カンボジアで大学教師に。娘の教育はアンスクールングと呼ばれるスタイルで。

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