Trying nonverbal communication

Hina currently speaks English as her first language. English is considered as one of the basic skills in globalization. Knowing English is a privilege that Hina has.

However, if we look into the society more deeply, it’s not always the case. We cannot expect everyone to speak some English. And Hina needs to know it through her experience.

So I let her go shopping and pay by herself in a place where basically nobody speaks English.

In Hanoi, the cashier spoke to Hina in Vietnamese, and Hina guessed what she meant from her actions. Hina got the change successfully, too.

Next time was in the countrysides of Cambodia. I asked Hina to buy a can of cooking gas and to receive the charge, too. Hina said ok but she said she needed to look at the google map although the shop was close. She wanted to know exactly where she could buy it. But the shops there all look like this.

And it makes it harder for foreigners to find what they want. We need to ask them if they have it without words.

Hina came back after around 10 minutes, saying that she couldn’t find a gas shop. There is no gas shop but she needed to ask people without words.

Our challenge continues….


Engineer -> Post graduate -> Educator -> Full-time Mother. University lecturer of a local university in Cambodia since 2015. She has chosen unschooling education style for her daughter. 2015年10月より、カンボジアで大学教師に。娘の教育はアンスクールングと呼ばれるスタイルで。

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