Traveling around the world through food

Hina and I have started traveling around the world virtually. We visit restaurants of different nationalities.

Recently we visited France and Russia.

At a French restaurant, Hina tried a croissant and yogurt, which is a typical French breakfast according to some post on the internet.

While we were relaxing, Hina read a book about famous paintings. And a group of French people looked at her with a surprise looking, saying “wonderful!” Some paintings are by French artists.

After we visit a restaurant, we color a book of countries.

We also put stickers on the world map.

We had fried cheese at a Russian restaurant.

Through this activity, both of us became more interested in food, cultures, and societies in the world.

Hina did some research about export and import.

We would like to explore the world more together.


Engineer -> Post graduate -> Educator -> Full-time Mother. University lecturer of a local university in Cambodia since 2015. She has chosen unschooling education style for her daughter. 2015年10月より、カンボジアで大学教師に。娘の教育はアンスクールングと呼ばれるスタイルで。

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