Building mutual understanding by traveling

Hina and I have been traveling a lot since early 2019. In 2019, we traveled about 12,000km together.

Through traveling, both Hina and I learned what mutual understanding is.

Mutual understanding really needs experience and practice rather than being taught. When it’s taught, we feel like we “know it.”

However, experiences make us more humble to learn because it teaches us the wisdom of ignorance.

We are going to start the first trip in 2020 today.


Engineer -> Post graduate -> Educator -> Full-time Mother. University lecturer of a local university in Cambodia since 2015. She has chosen unschooling education style for her daughter. 2015年10月より、カンボジアで大学教師に。娘の教育はアンスクールングと呼ばれるスタイルで。

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